Spectrum Thinking


Spectrum Thinking

Spectrum Thinking is an audio book and video training series on a concept Travis developed to help him understand friendships, relationships, employment, and life. Travis uses spectrum thinking to improve his social relationships and maintain employment while enjoying an amazing quality of life. He teaches you all about the concept in this awesome audio books series that comes with several hours of video module trainings. Travis thinks in pictures. He has learned to use social thinking to generalize and understand social context. Travis feels there are 86,400 different social contexts in a day based upon knowing there are 86,400 seconds per day. Travis sees each context/second in a picture. Sometimes the picture is clear and sometimes it is blury and confusing. In this series Travis guides you through the autism experience of how he thinks in pictures to understand social situations. Books included in the package are… Autism Sensory Overloaded By Emotions, Autism Fixations Obsessions and Special Interest, Social Stranger, Making Sense of My Feelings as a Teenager with Autism Going Through Puberty, Confessions from a Former Aspie Stalker, Autism Intermediate Social Thinking, Autism Aggression at Puberty, Autism Instant and Delayed Gratification, Autism and Facebook Rules, Beating the Aspie Blues, A Super Anxious Aspie, Autism Anxiety Depression and Paranoia, The Reality of Living within Two Worlds, Escaping into my Imagination Book I, Escaping into My Imagination Book II, Plus many more titles. Right now this package comes with over 10 hours of video on how to use spectrum thinking as an advanced method of social thinking to help people with autism understand their role in social relationships.


Audio Book Samples

A Super Anxious Aspie

Escaping into My Imagination Book II

Escaping into My Imagination Book I

Autism Sensory Overloaded By Emotions Sample

Autism Fixations Obsessions and Special Interest Preview Sample

Beating the Aspie Blues Preview Sample

Confessions from a Former Aspie Stalker Preview Sample

Social Stranger Preview Sample Chapter 7

How to Measure Quality of Life for Autistic People Preview Sample

Testimony by Betty Johnston

Travis’s books are REAL and GENUINE. He lives the life, triumphs and challenges that he writes about. Well written and informative and a MUST READ.

Testimony by Teresa Knutson

Travis has been one of the people who is most interested in learning about and understanding himself, autism and any issue he’s experiencing. He dives deep into himself and does a lot of research. He’s incredibly open and compassionate towards others. He helps others feel and know they aren’t alone with their issues.

Testimony by Kathy Mahoney

“I just finished reading Autism: Sensory Overloaded by Emotions…Wow! I love your writing style. It not only allowed me to get to know you, it allowed me to understand my students a little deeper. You did a fabulous job!”

Testimony by Vicki Greene

I managed to read this short book in one evening and was so impressed, I read it again immediately. It was extremely interesting to read about puberty in boys with autism written also by a young man with autism. Travis Breeding is extremely articulate and honest about his experiences growing up with autism and how his teenage years were affected by his condition. He provides important and frank insight into puberty and conveys his thoughts and feelings professionally yet sympathetically. This would be an excellent book to give to a teenage boy with autism from the age of around 10/11 upwards since it provides a fantastic portrayal of life looking out onto a world of confusing changes both physically and socially/emotionally. This would also be an excellent resource for any parent or educator of children with autism. Breeding gives wonderful advice to parents regarding the amount of freedom to give their kids and speaks eloquently on the need for all kids, no matter the way their mind works, to be involved and included in social events and activities. He also relates some heart wrenching personal experiences which serve as an aide to others following in his path. I’d wholly recommend this book and would like to congratulate Travis Breeding, a young man who has, by anyone’s standards overcome an immense obstacle and has used his own difficult and problematic experiences growing up with autism to educate and inform others just begining on this journey. Children with autism deserve the same considerations as other children, they have the same feelings and the same needs, Travis breeding makes this seem obvious and of course it is 🙂

Testimony by Samuel

I have never read a book so real and down to earth that had been so honestly written. Our son is 18 and we have a hard time finding books that he can relate to. Not only did his mom and I read this book we had our son sit down and read it. He has since read through it five times and says he can relate to the author and his experiences as a teen with Autism going through puberty. This book will give you a tremendous amount of resources to help you guide your son or daughter through the teenage years and puberty.

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