Quality of Life

How to Measure Quality of Life for Autistic People

The autism community is often wondering how we can measure quality of life for autistic people. This book argues that a group definition for measuring quality of life is inappropriate as quality of life is not a group-centered thing. Instead, this book argues that quality of life for autistic people is a person-centered definition that requires determining each autistic person's quality of life one by one. Travis gives some tips and ideas for how you can improve your autistic loved ones quality of life. He also gives strategies on how you can teach your autistic loved one to be a proactive self-advocate who leads the way in improving his or her quality of life. He says we need to value and respect the opinions of autistic people when it comes to their happiness and deciding how good they feel their quality of life is. In this book, Travis advocates for giving autistic people more of a voice in making decisions for their own lives. When people make their own decisions they feel more respected, loved, valued, and cherished. All those things can lead to a dramatic improvement in your autistic loved one's quality of life. It is important to let your autistic loved one develop and engage in their own interests. Often times we want to tell autistic people what they should like or what they should be doing. Allowing the autistic person to make choices for themselves will help them create inner happiness that helps them embrace an excellent quality of life. This book advocates for more freedom for autistic people in making important choices and decisions in their life. It advocates that autistic people be more included in making decisions about their own treatment and support services. Most of all, it advocates that all autistic people are loved, valued, cherished, and respected just as any other human being would be.


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