Puberty, Sexuality, and HFA Webinar

Puberty, Sexuality, and HFA Webinar December 3rd

On Tuesday December 3rd, at 8pm Eastern, 5pm pacific I will be hosting a two hour webinar on puberty and sexuality with my experience with high functioning autism.  We will talk on advanced levels of social thinking and dive into what I call “sexual thinking.” This presentation is so much more than the birds and bees of sexuality.  Some topics included are. -My experience with dating and relationships -from friend to girlfriend -sexual rejection -sexual behavior is simply social behavior -my changing body -flirting, what’s that? -How to avoid bad resources -self-care -tips for parents on talking to their teen about sex -so much more. Sign up today for just $25.00 to reserve your spot.  I can host 100 people. Learning Objectives 1. Learn about emotions regarding the opposite sex or (sex of attraction) an individual with autism may feel and experience. What does it feel like to be sexually attracted to someone? What does love feel like? How do we know we are in love? 2. Learn steps to building a relationship. Uncovering the gray areas of sexuality and sexual/social thinking. How do we learn the gray thinking area so we can go from step 1 to step 10 without skipping steps 2-9? Attendees will get practical advice and examples from the presenter's life on how he has begun learning these steps and ideas for teaching them to others. 3. Taking a deeper look at what is and is not a private body part. Aren't all body parts our private parts? The attendee will learn to be more literal when teaching public versus private body parts. 4. Understand some people with Asperger Syndrome experience hypersexuality. Learn what that feels like and how the presenter copes with it. Attendees will learn about the hypersexuality in Asperger syndrome. With raging hormones and a social skills deficit, expressing one's sexuality is difficult. We will discuss coping skills for dealing with sexual frustration for the HFA (high functioning autism adult.) 5. Learn that the presenter sometimes connects with body parts easier than with the human mind. (Isn't the mind a body part too?) Sometimes it is easier to connect with body parts because they don't have emotions. We teach body part id well, so the presenter sometimes tries to connect with other body parts instead of the mind. We must now work on learning how to connect with someone's mind before connecting with her body. 6. Tips for helping your autistic child or client from being sexually abused or assaulted. Safety, safety, safety, Travis shares some examples where he has been put into dangerous situations sexually. He talks about stalking and how that was accidentally reinforced by several people and professionals in his life. He shares examples of being exploited for money in order to like someone or be sexually attracted to them. 7. Tips for helping your autistic child keep from being exploited financially in a quest for intimacy. A more in depth look at being taken advantage of and bullied for attention from the opposite sex. The attendee will get real life examples and from the presenter's life. The presenter gives some tips for coping skills to prevent someone with HFA from feeling desperate enough to be exploited. 8. Learn ideas for the operational definition of romantic relationship. (It is important autistic people fully understand what a romantic relationship is and is not. Are we friends? Are we lovers? Are we both? Am I friend zoned? So many questions. How do we teach these different options for a social relationship? 9. Dive into the literal thinking of sex. Autistic people will take you for face value. Be careful as you teach. Say what you mean. Don't tell someone they can't get pregnant without telling them why they can't get pregnant. A young woman with autism once got pregnant because her mom said she couldn't get pregnant until she got married. She was having sex and didn't think she could get pregnant because her mom said she couldn't. She got pregnant and blamed her mom. Mom meant she wouldn't approve of her getting pregnant until she got married. 10. How to express one's sexuality. The audience will learn how to support the autistic individual in expressing his or her sexuality in life. When do we start teaching about sexuality? How do we teach the ability to generalize between friendship and dating? How do we teach the ability to generalize how to treat girls differently than women? Travis was nurtured by girls he flocked to in elementary school. In middle and high school those same girls that were now becoming women said that the same exact behavior was stalking. How do we teach this to the HFA teen or adult?


Puberty and Sexuality for High Verbal Learners Recorded Webinar

This is the recording of the above webinar on puberty and sexuality that took place on December 3rd, 2019. You can purchase the recording here. Please make sure your email address associated with checkout is the email you would like to receive the recording at.


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