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Autism: How I Failed to Love Myself Before Loving Myself

After being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 22 years old Travis spent years struggling to accept himself and love himself for who he was. Travis was looking for solutions from the outside and from other people to help make him feel better about himself. This self-hatred for being different and unlike his peers led to a poor self-esteem and a lot of depression. Everyone responds to a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism in unique fashions and Travis was no different. After spending years wanting and needing others to love him before he could love himself Travis has finally learned that the key to happiness is to love yourself and create your own happiness without depending on other people to make you happy. This book will detail the internal struggles that Travis faced in learning to love himself by describing all of the emotional ups and downs of life as someone on the spectrum. There will be sad moments and happy moments. Travis talks of his obsession with social skills coaching in order to learn social skills so that he could love himself and accept his autism. This obsession of wanting some magical pill to make his life better led to a lot of fixating on unhealthy things when all along he could have just been embracing his autism and loving himself for who he is. In this book Travis details the keys to accepting and loving himself when he is on the autism spectrum. There is no external way of loving yourself as Travis learned that true love for the self comes from the heart and mind that he was born with. Learning to love himself has been more powerful than any social skills coaching or training could ever be. Travis has learned to connect with himself and explore who he is while embracing the uniqueness and differences that make him a truly special person. When you can connect with yourself it is a magnet for helping others want to connect with you as well. Read Autism: How I Failed to Love Myself Before Loving Myself to follow a journey through self-acceptance and love of having autism spectrum disorder.


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