Monthly Autism Consulting for Parents

Monthly autism consulting directly from the horses mouth. Travis lives with Autism and shares very openly the challenges and triumphs of his life. He has turned studying social skills and life skills into a special interest and wants to share how he has learned to be himself while going on a journey to understand the social and emotional world around him.

Travis talks about many topics including, social thinking, understanding and analyzing social context, bullying issues, educational issues, employment issues, escaping into imagination to create a make-believe world for comfort in uncomfortable social situations, and social relationships.

Travis will guide you through the process of understanding how he processes social relationships and uses social thinking to understand how he relates to others.

Monthly consulting for parents comes with every single audio book Travis ever releases on autism. You will also get 3 to 5 videos per week about topics related to living happily and successful with autism spectrum disorder. Audio books can come out in numbers of 2 to 10 per month sometimes.

But that’s not all! You’ll also get Travis’ personal cell phone number and email address. Call or email me anytime. I’m Travis. I’d be happy to answer your questions. I will use my experience with autism to tailor to your needs and talk about what you want to learn. This is an amazing value that is being offered to parents and family members of someone with ASD for just $10.00 a month right now. Sign up today and change your life and someone you love’s life by learning how to help someone with autism be comfortable in their own skin and love themselves.

Monthly Autism Social Thinking Consulting

$10.00 per month


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