Autism Is My Super-Power


Autism Is My Super Power $13.95 Includes Shipping and Tax

After years of ups and downs and a lot of depression learn how Travis challenged his belief system to realize that autism provided him many awesome super-powers in life. Travis turns what he used to perceive as negative aspects of autism into positive aspects of autism through restructuring his thought and belief processing system. In this book you will learn how learning to think more positively is the best life skill Travis has learned. When you think positively, those positive thoughts generalize to all areas of your life. Travis says his greatest super-power stems from learning that he could create positive thoughts about any situation in life. This has allowed him to change his life and create the happiness that he truly desires. Just like social skills, beliefs and thoughts have context to them. Travis teaches the reader how to understand the context of their own beliefs and apply strategies to turn those beliefs from negatives to positives while applying positive thinking to all aspects of life.


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