Audio Books

Get all 15 of Travis’ top autism books for just $2.00 per book.

The audio book bundle sells for $30.00


Titles include

I am a child, Just Like You

Autism Sensory Overloaded By Emotions

Autism Fixations, Obsessions and Special Interest

Beating the Aspie Blues

A Super Anxious Aspie

Escaping into my Imagination book 1

Escaping into my Imagination Book 2

Making Sense of My Feelings as a Teen with Autism Going through Puberty

Autism Aggression at Puberty

Preparing for Your Future with Autism

Social Stranger

Confessions from a Former Aspie Stalker

Autism, Anxiety, Depression, and Paranoia

My Aspie Special Interest is My Best Friend

Autism Social Thinking and Friendship

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