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For a limited time only receive all of Travis’ Audio books about autism (over 20 books so far) and any future book he releases about autism on audio for one low amazing price of $35.00. Over 150 hours full of advanced autism information from escaping into imagination, to social thinking, to creating a make-believe world to help cope, to special interests, to bullying, to intimacy, to puberty, to sexuality, to sensory issues, to empathy, and much more. Click below to sign up and be sure to include your email address so the books can be delivered to you. $35.00 for a limited time only.


Audio Book Samples

Autism Sensory Overloaded By Emotions Sample

Autism Fixations Obsessions and Special Interest Preview Sample

Beating the Aspie Blues Preview Sample

Confessions from a Former Aspie Stalker Preview Sample

Social Stranger Preview Sample Chapter 7

How to Measure Quality of Life for Autistic People Preview Sample

Testimony by Betty Johnston

Travis’s books are REAL and GENUINE. He lives the life, triumphs and challenges that he writes about. Well written and informative and a MUST READ.

Testimony by Teresa Knutson

Travis has been one of the people who is most interested in learning about and understanding himself, autism and any issue he’s experiencing. He dives deep into himself and does a lot of research. He’s incredibly open and compassionate towards others. He helps others feel and know they aren’t alone with their issues.

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