An Aspie’s Psychosis

An Aspie’s Psychosis Book

Asperger's syndrome is not always what you think. Standing alone Asperger's has been no challenge for Travis. With co-morbid psychosis life has been a nightmare at times. An Aspie's Psychosis is written in two different personalities. The first by a man in the middle of a psychotic episode journaling his every though and feeling. The second from the perspective of a man who is in a time of healing looking back at his psychotic episode and reflecting on it. Co-morbid psychosis is alarmingly common amongst people with Asperger Syndrome. With extreme social rejections and bullying a primary feature of Asperger's it becomes apparent that there will be co-morbid mental health issues that arise. Travis hears voices. Those voices impact his social skills more than his Asperger's does. Psychotic breaks can last for long periods of times. With perseveration being a primary feature of autism, it can be hard for someone with the disorder to break free from the psychotic trap. In a recent study it was said that people with Asperger Syndrome often experience hearing voices and having hallucinations and in some cases this is due to the social experience. Travis shares how his hallucinations and voices cause him to focus in on the wrong treatments for autism and obsess over things that otherwise have no meaning outside of psychosis. This book will bring you inside of the psychotic experience of someone living with autism. As usual this story is told with no filter and comes from the heart of an aspie making it a valuable tool in understanding the co-morbid issues a person with autism might face when encountering psychosis.


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