Happiness comes from within.  I used to always think I needed to rely on other people to help me be happy.  Today, I have learned how to be positive and create my own happiness all by changing my beliefs.  I used to really desire to learn social skills and I wanted it so bad I did not even realize that I actually had a great deal of amazing social skills deep down within myself.

Now that I recognize that I am not only a good socializer but an amazing person I love to think about helping others realize the same.  To me helping people with autism is a combination of social skill and life skills development as well as helping us build positive self-esteem through connecting with us in our world.

It is my goal to help others with autism go through the same realizations that I have and realize that we are truly unique and amazing individuals worthy of so many awesome things in life.  The notion that we deserve to be happy is a concept I did not always believe in but today I believe that I and others with autism deserve to be happy and live fulfilling lives.


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