I am a Child, Just Like You

By Travis Breeding

Ever wonder what it was like to be a child with Asperger’s syndrome? Whether you or a friend has been diagnosed, this all-new interactive book is an excellent resource to understand what life with Asperger’s is like.Explore life through the eyes of a child with Asperger’s. Mason tries to understand the world around him and finds his own self worth in being different.Great book for encouraging self esteem development and for education of peers.

I am a child, Just Like You (Paperback)

Great tool for teaching children about autism. Great for an autistic child to use to teach other kids in class about what autism is and how it affects them. Also perfect for helping the autistic child understand themselves and appreciate the beauty of their autism. Educational Tool for teachers in the elementary classroom.


Preparing for Your Future with Autism

Are you autistic? Are you a parent to an autistic child? Do you support autistic people as a career? This book is for you. This is a comprehensive guidebook into autism. The autistic author has lived through many experiences with ASD including anxiety, depression, psychosis, paranoia, and suicide ideation. This book will help get you through all the ups and downs of autism with grace and a smile.This book takes a look at how to build self-esteem for the autistic child, autistic adult, and parents of children on the spectrum. No one is left behind as the authors sees the importance in challenging everyone to challenge their belief system about Autism Spectrum Disorder. You will learn useful tips for challenging negative beliefs and replacing them with more positive beliefs about autism. Another aspect the author focuses on is how to survive in an autism community that has such differing viewpoints and outlooks for autism. This book will take you through depression, anxiety, psychosis, and paranoia by providing first-hand examples from the author’s life where he overcame all of those scenarios to live a successful, loving, and happy life. The author says there’s no situation with autism we can’t beat, if we stick together and help each other along the way. This book is full of tips and strategies to help you win at autism and succeed in life. Whether you are autistic, a parent to an autistic child, or a caregiver or support worker for an autistic person you will benefit from reading this comprehensive guidebook on ASD as it will prepare you for making the choices to live happily with Autism in your life.

Preparing for Your Future with Autism

This book is an inside look at Travis's life across the lifespan of living with autism. You will find stories from childhood, adolescence, and the adult years. There will be challenges shared, victories celebrated, and an inside look at how co-morbid mental health issues add to the challenge in navigating an autism spectrum disorder. This is a great tool for anyone wanting to learn more about how autism and co-morbid mental health issues can impact someone's life. The book will show you how Travis embraces and overcomes some of these challenges in daily living.


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